Self-Install Kit
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The installation of an Okeanos fiberglass pool remains the simplest and fastest pool to install on the pool market today. Our fiberglass pool installation kit has everything you need for a quick and successful installation.  DIY ans Save! Your pool is delivered pre-plummed with skimmer, bottom drain, bottom pressure relief plug, 2 water jets.

Self-Install Kit includes:
- Hayward Surperpump pool pump
- Hayward 24 in. (300 lbs.) sand filter
- Connection kit (bends, tee's, reducers, flex hose....)
- Pool broom
- Vacuum cleaner
- Water test kit
- Thermometer
- 12 in. dewatering well
- Geotextile liner
- Owners manual and instruction guide

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This brief overview of the installation process of an Okeanos in-ground fiberglass pool does not replace the detailed instructions contained in the instruction manual that will be sent to you the same day you register
your purchase order.
1/ After carefully choosing the spot where the pool we be installed, mark the grounds to be excavated with a paint spray can then excavate hole to spec's

2/ As to prevent root flare-ups and mostly to stabilise the grounds, a geotextile liner will be installed at the bottom of the excavated hole and covered with 4 to 6 inches of 1/2" net crushed gravel to create the basemat that at this point will be leveled and prepared to receive the pool

3/ The setting of the pool is done with an excavator or boom truck according to available access space to yard

4/ After pool is set in hole, careful leveling and stabilizing must be done then a 12 inch dewatering well is installed as to drain excess water in the soil when needed

5/ Once pool is leveled and stabilized, backfill is done with 1/2" net crushed gravel and all connections to pump and filter are done

6/ Landscape and dive-in! 

Always keep children away from work site especially when heavy machinery is present, and fence off pool once it is filled.